Tree Height Patterns in Forests of Eastern North America

In collaboration with the Eastern Native Tree Society, the Center is collecting data on tree heights in stands of varying age, latitude, longitude, physiographic setting, and climate, for tree species of the temperate forest from the southern Appalachians to New England, the western Great Lakes Region and Midwest. The study is aimed at explaining the physiographic, climatic, and taxonomic mechanisms for variation in tree height throughout this vast area. 


Bragg, D.C., L.E. Frelich, R.T. Leverett, W. Blozan, and D.J. Luthringer. 2011. The sine method: an alternative height measurement technique. USDA Forest Service Research Note SRS-22.

Tall sugar maple canopy, Mohawk Trail State Forest, MA

Tall sugar maple canopy, Mohawk Trail State Forest, MA. Photo: Bob Leverett. 

Tall shagbark hickory, MA

Tall shagbark hickory, MA. Photo: Bob Leverett.