Climate Change and the Prairie-Forest Border

Multiple environmental factors are affecting the prairie-forest border which crosses the Midwest from northwest to southeast. The earthworm invasion, deer browsing, invasive insect pests such as emerald ash borer and hemlock woolly adelgid, and increasing frequencies of droughts, fires and storms associated with a warmer climate, are all reinforcing the effects that warmer temperatures would have alone. This project provides an opportunity to tie together all of the other projects above for an integrated look at the big picture for the future of forests in the region.

Selected publications 

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Dead birch trees

Dead birch trees, Minnesota North Shore of Lake Superior. Photo: Dave Hansen, University of Minnesota

Satellite image showing the prairie-forest border

Satellite image showing the prairie-forest border (black line). Modified from DeFries et al. (2000) and published in Frelich and Reich 2010, Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment.